Printronix introduces design enhancements and improved functionality with the P8000 Cartridge Printer series, achieving the broadest flexibility, greatest compatibility, and lowest ownership cost of any line matrix printer.  This is an ideal solution for price-sensitive buyers who must choose an industrial printing technology that delivers reliability despite operating in harsh or dusty environments and constrained spaces.  They are ideal for manufacturing, distribution and logistics, government, banking and automotive companies that need to print invoices, product shipment and transportation documentation, bank statements and product compliance labels.

P8000 Open Pedestal

  • Printing speeds ranging from 500 to 1,000 lines per minute
  • New sheet metal for increased durability and quieter acoustics
  • Backward-compatible cartridge ribbon reduces inventory management cost
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P8000ZT Zero Tear

  • New user interface with larger LCD screen, graphical display, and intuitive menu navigation
  • Ethernet, Parallel, USB 2.0 and Serial connectivity
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P8000 Cabinet

  • Reduces noise emission, making it ideal for office environments
  • Offers the widest selection of paper handling options
  • PowerPrint feature to generate 1,000 line-per-minute print speed
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